2019 Customer Experience Predictions
How to Prepare for Next Year

December 11th
9am PST/12pm EST

The new year is just around the corner — and with it will come a new set of customer experience challenges, as well as new ways to connect with your customers.

Join Kerry Bodine, customer experience expert and co-author of Outside In, for an engaging discussion as she shares her analysis of how the field of CX evolved over 2018 and makes predictions for 2019.

Join this webinar to learn what you need to do to start preparing for the year ahead.

On this webinar, Kerry will discuss

  • Why artificial intelligence will be the single biggest disrupting technology for customer experience — and how it will impact both B2B and B2C businesses in 2019.
  • Why, despite younger generations’ reluctance to talk on the phone, the framework of conversation will offer one of the biggest opportunities for your organization to engage with customers in 2019.
  • Why journey maps are just the tip of iceberg — and how the little known role of "journey manager” will reshape the way people across your organization do their jobs every day.