Conversational Chatbot Buying Guide

Brands that are committed to providing fast, 24-7, high-quality customer support are turning to “Conversational Chatbots” like Solvvy in increasing numbers. Unfortunately, many leaders in critical customer-centric roles - Customer Support, Customer Experience, Product Management - aren't experts when it comes to understanding and evaluating the latest chatbots and automation offerings.

Download this 2020 Forrester Report and get the info you need to know:
  • Better understand the ‘conversational anatomy’ of a chatbot
  • Explore the next-gen chatbot features that are making traditional keyword and rules-based chatbots obsolete
  • Get advice for how to navigate AI and Machine Learning buzzwords to focus on areas that deliver real benefits for your organization

This detailed report equips you with the knowledge you need to effectively evaluate the latest conversational customer support chatbots.


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