HOW TO Build and Scale a Thriving Knowledge Base

Your Handy "How-To" Guide for Creating a World Class Customer Experience

The vast amounts of knowledge scattered across different silos and lack of subject matter experts puts a lot of pressure on organizations as they strive to keep up with their knowledge bases. The evolving nature of the products and processes only adds to this problem.

In this guide, we share practical tips around how you can curate a solid knowledge base that is up-to-date, current and relevant. Following a “Knowledge Centered Approach” that empowers everyone to capture and share knowledge and making use of analytics for identifying trends and gaps could help you scale your KB.

In fact, things as elementary as using colloquial language, having sectional headings, breaking down the paragraphs or using a step-by-step format could significantly improve discoverability and create a powerful self-service experience for your users.

Get your handy “How-To” guide today and see immediate impact.

“Investing in content is the most crucial element of customer success.”

- Mahesh Ram, CEO, Solvvy