The Art of Saying No to Customers

Mastering stressful client situations while staying true to your company values

Master stressful client situations

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As support representatives working the frontlines, most of us have run into difficult customers whose demands are unreasonable; claims, invalid; and expectations, absurd. How do we handle such customer situations? With poise, balance, knowledge and more.

We caught up with Sharon Moorhouse, support leader at Intercom, at SDX Portland to chat about the art of navigating difficult situations and mastering difficult conversations. She firmly believes that building a successful product means getting good at saying no. When faced with a trying situation, providing context, adding a personal touch, working hand-in-hand with the customer become critical and go a long way.

While most thought leadership pieces out there revolve around happy customers, in this eBook, Solvvy brings to you handy tips and tricks around managing stressful customer situations and nailing difficult conversations. The end goal is to provide valuable insights for building customer experiences based on honesty, trust and collaboration.

Promises are like debt...

"Promises are like debt - they accrue interest. The longer you wait to fulfill them, the more they cost you to pay off" - Jason Friend, Founder & CEO, Basecamp