The Game-Changing Customer Experience

Winning Customers through Ease, Emotion and Effectiveness

Customer Experience (CX) matters and it matters more than ever today. Research by Tempkin Group shows that a 10% improvement in CX for a $1 billion firm could result in revenue gains of $141-$344 million through additional purchases, reduced customer churn and new business from referrals.

In this eBook by Solvvy, subject matter experts discuss the framework for creating a world class customer experience by citing industry metrics and practical use cases.

The three pillars on which customer experience rests are effectiveness, ease and emotion. In the customer service context, effectiveness translates to an omni-channel contact ability, conversational self-service interfaces, and fast seamless resolutions. Ease refers to how simple it is for a customer to find an answer to his or her question while an emotional connection with users can help build loyalty.

Download this eBook to see how companies such as GoFundMe, Peloton and TaskRabbit are winning by employing the 3E’s in their support organizations.

“The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”

- Peter Drucker