Customer Journey Mapping

Devise A Winning Self-Service Strategy

Modern customers demand immediacy, accuracy, real time interactivity and consistency across the board, so their journeys need to be designed with self-service elements in mind. Journey mapping can help businesses gain a deep understanding of where self-service technology can be applied most effectively within a user’s journey to improve the overall customer satisfaction.

If organizations tried to support customers around the globe, at all times through a fully staffed human solution, it would be incredibly inefficient and expensive—and quality of service would certainly vary. So the solution lies in intelligent self-service.

In this eBook, produced by Solvvy, customer experience experts—Kerry Bodine and Mahesh Ram—discuss the elements of journey mapping and how it can help evangelize intelligent self-service initiatives within an organization.

  • Reduce case volume by 15 - 20% from day one
  • Instantly drive higher customer satisfaction
  • Offer great self-service across all channels
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing software

“Solvvy’s question and answer matching capabilities are greatly improving customer journeys. With self-service automation, organizations are able to achieve the magic equation where CSAT goes up on the one hand and costs go down on the other.”

- Mahesh Ram, CEO, Solvvy