The No Nonsense Guide to Customer Retention

How to NOT Overdue Customer Service

Customer service professionals have long believed that great service keeps customers coming back. But new research suggests that going out of your way to “delight” customers doesn’t actually drive loyalty - in fact, any customer service interaction is more likely to have a negative affect than a positive one. So how can businesses move the dial on retention? Try focusing on mitigating disloyalty instead.

In this guide we'll show you what CX leaders have in common, and why making it easy for consumers to do business with you is sometimes about doing less, not more. Discover what kinds of service experiences send customers running, and get practical tips for overcoming common challenges. The bottom line: Empower your customers to self-serve with ease and they’ll keep coming back.

“Rather than trying to delight customers to drive loyalty, companies need to focus on making things easier.”

- Matt Dixon, Co-Author, The Effortless Experience