Webinar Replay

How To Build Emotional Intelligence into your CX Strategy

Webinar Summary

While metrics are important in tracking and measuring your team’s success and execution of your support strategies, how do you think about your support strategy to begin with?

As you come up with ways to streamline processes, introduce automation, or improve agent productivity, it’s important to keep in mind not just KPIs, but also consider the journey your customers go through during their support experience. 

On this 30-minute "FastCast" replay , breanne O. Reeves, Co-Author of The Nordstrom Way, discusses how to build emotional intelligence into your customer journey and enhance your overall CX by empowering customer service teams with key EI (emotional intel) tools needed to leverage CX automation.

This webinar covers:

  • How Nordstrom applied emotional intelligence successfully and what framework you can adopt for your support initiatives today
  • What mindset and EI tools you can use to build and evaluate your new and existing support strategies
  • How this can impact your team, your business, and your customers

Watch this 30-min "How To" webinar replay and walk away with tangible action items for how emotional intelligence can enhance your support strategy. 


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