Webinar Replay

Managing Through Change:
Lessons from CX Leaders 


June 24, 2020
10am PT/1pm EDT

In the second installment of our Webinar series, our guests explored the difficult challenges they and other CX and CS leaders are currently facing: staffing issues, planned remote teams vs. forced remote teams, handling surges in support requests, and much more.

Our expert panel included:

  • Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy
  • Joe Wang, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Upwork
  • Natalie Ruhl, Director Community Ops/Customer Support at Soundcloud

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  • How CX/CS leaders can partner with CFOs and Finance to show strategic value
  • How automation plays a role in preparing for and weathering a crisis
  • How to combine business resilience with emotional support and empathy


Joe Wang

Senior Director of CX 

Natalie Ruhl

Director Community Ops/ CS 

Mahesh Ram