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Supporting the On-Demand Generation
The Customer Experience story at Stash

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Stash, an easy-to-use personal finance mobile app that simplifies investing and saving for millions of Americans, faces a daily challenge all too familiar to many hyper-growth app companies - how do they support the on-demand and mobile-first generation that spans all demographics?

On this webinar, Sarah Rosenzweig, Director of Customer Experience at Stash, shared best practices they’ve found in serving the on-demand generation within their fast-growing customer base (1.8M to 2.8M users in the past year).

In this 45-min webinar guests learned:

  • Tangible ways to take a data-driven approach to understand on-demand consumer behavior
  • How to build empathy into your customer experience
  • Unique approaches to creating a mobile-first support experience that sets you apart from the competition
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