Is AI Revolutionizing CS

Is 2017 Going To Be The Year AI Revolutionizes Customer Service?

Smart CS professionals know artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to make support interactions easy and effective. But some emerging AI products, like chatbots, failed to live up to their promise last year. Now the question on everyone’s mind is “Will 2017 be the year AI revolutionizes CS?”

Watch our 45-minute on-demand complimentary webinar with Customer Service Labs to explore practical CS applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You'll learn:

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning are impacting CS today
  • The one AI secret CS leaders need to know (hint: it’s not chatbots!)
  • What support professionals should expect from AI and ML in 2017
  • Learnings from CS professionals using these technologies in their business
  • Story of how one company used ML to decrease support costs by 20%

Featured Speakers

Sophie Conti - CEO, Customer Service Lab
Sophie is the founder of Customer Service Lab, and she has spent her career working with startups in customer support with some of the most innovative companies like Leap Motion, Tile, Moo, Etsy, Indiegogo, Teespring, Ofoto-KodakGallery, and more. Having built and managed CS teams for startups for more than a decade, she's passionate about bringing the Support industry together. In 2014 she launched a workshop series for CS executives in startups to create a community for exchange, brainstorming and real innovation.

Eric Hallquist - Senior Consultant, Customer Service Lab
Eric is a tested startup leader and team builder, with experience launching, developing and inspiring customer support teams and operations at a wide range of startup companies. He has deep working knowledge of subscription services, connected devices, e-commerce, virtual goods, social support, community, and fraud prevention. Prior to joining Customer Service Lab, his most recent positions were at Dropcam (now part of Nest Labs/Google) and Zoosk.

Morris Wong - Director of Customer Experience,
Morris is currently Director, Customer Experience at, the nation's largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers. His focus has been on improving the experiences of customers in marketplaces, managing support organizations, and on improving pet care and safety. Morris previously held roles at Upwork, DHgate, Ebay, and T-Mobile.

Mahesh Ram - CEO at Solvvy
Mahesh Ram is the founding CEO at Solvvy, an intelligent self-service platform for customer service. Mahesh is a serial entrepreneur, most recently serving as CEO of GlobalEnglish Corporation (acquired by Pearson PLC in 2012), and previously held senior management roles, including CTO, at ThomsonReuters and WoltersKluwer. He holds a BS from the University of Pennsylvania.


"We're just thrilled to work with Solvvy. It's been a game changer for us and our customers!" - Lupe Gonzalez, Director Customer Experience, Headspace