Proven Secrets to Deliver a Magical Customer Service Experience

Does my company have the right message, the right staffing, are we looking at the right metrics? What is most important to my customers?

On this webinar, we explored:

  • How Customer Service Is Evolving
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Tools and Techniques: The Winners
  • Secrets to Scaling

Featured Speakers

Sarah Hatter - Founder, CoSupport and Elevate Summit
Customer service leader. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and coach. Owns the Elevate brand. Speaks at numerous industry events and presented to groups at Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Mahesh Ram - Founding CEO, Solvvy
CEO at GlobalEnglish (acquired by Pearson PLC for $100M+). Former CTO, Thomson Tax & Thomson Learning. Serial entrepreneur with extensive enterprise SaaS experience.


“Solvvy is great for improving First Contact Resolution because it gives our customers fast, reliable and accurate answers. We’re beating our goals” 

- Yael McCue, Customer Support Lead, TaskRabbit   Read Case Study>