Mastering Self-Service

4 Secrets to Master the Art of Self-Service

Organizations often say that happy customers make for a successful business. It’s true! According to a recent Gartner survey, &ldquo 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.” So, how do you juggle competing priorities like retaining your top talent, reducing ticket volume, and driving cost savings all while increasing NPS and CSAT scores?

Today’s CS Leaders know they can have it all by mastering the art of helping customers help themselves - through the power of self-service. But how?

Watch on-demand our 30-minute complimentary webinar and you will learn:

  • How to reduce ticket volume by leveraging existing content and data.
  • The key metrics to measure self-service performance.
  • How to identify and fill the crucial gaps in your knowledge base.
  • The self-service investment that most CS leaders regret.

Featured Speakers

Vikram Subramaniam, Customer Service & Product Leader at Chegg

Vikram Subramaniam leads product for Chegg which is the world’s largest online textbook rental company. He previously held customer service leadership roles in product management at eBay, Yahoo, Upwork and Netlfix. Previously he was the chief architect of the Customer Management practice at KPMG. He hold a BA and MS in computer science.

Mahesh Ram, CEO at Solvvy

Mahesh Ram is the founding CEO at Solvvy, an intelligent self-service platform for customer service. Mahesh is a serial entrepreneur, most recently serving as CEO of GlobalEnglish Corporation (acquired by Pearson PLC in 2012), and previously held senior management roles, including CTO, at ThomsonReuters and WoltersKluwer. He holds a BS from the University of Pennsylvania.


"With Solvvy, we have achieved over 20% self-service. If I told my team that we were stripping out Solvvy, I would have a mutiny on my hands"

- Antonio King, Director Experience, Shinesty