Webinar Replay

How to Use Journey Maps to Plan and Evangelize CX Initiatives

Journey mapping has become a regular practice both inside and outside of customer experience organizations.

But are you getting the full mileage from your journey mapping efforts — or did your efforts stall upon delivery of the maps?

In this webinar replay Kerry Bodine, author and customer experience expert, explores the power of customer journeys to develop your self-service strategy. Following Kerry’s presentation, Solvvy CEO Mahesh Ram discussed how emerging advances in self-service technology compliments the journey mapping model and is paving the way to next generation customer experience.

In this replay you will learn:

  • Why journeys - and not individual touchpoints - predict business success
  • How to put customers' needs and expectations for self-service into the context of their goals and tasks
  • The role technology plays in self-service
  • How to determine what types of self-service solutions will improve customers’ perceptions of your brand
  • How to use journey maps to bust through internal silos and create consistency across channels
  • The role technology plays in self-service


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