Webinar Replay

Scaling a World Class Knowledge Base

Future customer service organizations will be judged not only by their ability to retain customers, but their ability to help WIN customers. Building and maintaining an effective KB, though, can be a challenge. Disparate information channels, changing products, evolving customer needs all contribute to big headaches for CX professionals. Where do you start?

Whether you're just starting out on your Knowledge Base journey, or have a larger existing Knowledge Base that needs help to scale, this webinar will teach you how to leverage your Knowledge Base to improve your Customer Experience.

On this 30-minute "fastcast" Guru CEO, Rick Nucci and Solvvy CEO Mahesh Ram explored:

  • Best practices for building, optimizing, and scaling a world-class knowledge base
  • Real life examples of companies who have built an effective knowledge base
  • The role an effective Knowledge Base plays in self-service strategy

Watch this 30-min replay "How To" webcast and walk away with tangible action items for building an effective Knowledge Base.


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