How to Measure the Impact of CX

Indispensable advice for planning, managing and measuring CX initiatives that deliver real-world results.

It has been over 5 years since Matt Watkinson released his first book - The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences. Since then, he has spent hours wrestling with three fundamental beliefs many CX leaders hold true:

  1. Customers are in charge (we’re told)
  2. If we don’t delight them they’ll demonize us
  3. Customer experience is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage (we’re led to believe)
Businesses the world over have become obsessed with the notion of customer-centricity. They’ve created customer experience teams and endowed them with generous budgets. Some have appointed Chief Customer Officers. And yet for all the hype and bluster, for all the journey maps and design thinking, where are the results?

In response to this question, Matt released the following reports in March 2019:
  • The Leaders Guide to Customer Experience – This report explains why reality isn’t living up to the hype, and what we can do about it. It explains how to create improvements that customers really notice, and who should be responsible. In short, it consolidates the lessons we’ve learned over the last five years into a brief, digestible guide for senior decision-makers.
  • The Truth about the Net Promoter Score and Customer Experience – This report challenges the belief that NPS is the “silver bullet” metric for measuring customer experience. It explains why NPS does not provide an accurate reflection of reality, and therefore should not be used as the basis for decision-making.

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“ Smart leaders recognize that exceptional customer care is a long-term investment in social capital and goodwill that can help insulate the firm from a dramatic decline in fortunes when market conditions change.”

– Matt Watkinson, Author,
Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences