Making Digital Interactions More Human

How to make real connections with digital interactions

With today’s savvy consumers increasingly using digital channels when they need support, companies have an opportunity to lower costs and speed resolution times. But to create great experiences that will keep customers coming back you need to approach digital interactions the same way people approach face-to-face conversations. This means following certain unspoken rules, making real connections, and leaving customers feeling satisfied just like they would after a conversation with a friend.

In this whitepaper we’ll look at the human characteristics CX leaders have identified that can impact how customers feel about any interaction, and how you can apply the art of human conversation to digital interactions to fulfill brand promises and drive customer loyalty. We’ll also consider how intelligent automation fits into this equation and why it may actually be better at conversing with customers than even your best human agents.

“The goal for any digital support platform is to create interactions that resonate with customers the same way that really strong, positive conversations resonate with them in every other part of their life.”

– Bruce Temkin, author of the popular blog,
Customer Experience Matters®